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Ralf Hinzmann

Born 1958 in Mainz, Germany. 

Self-taught artist drawing inspiration from graffiti, murals and the likes of Richter, Mitchell, Twombly and Basquiat. 


Took part in several painting workshops in Vienna.

PhD in Medicine, University of Mainz. M.A. in History of Arts, currently doctoral student at University of Frankfurt a. Main/Germany.   

Lived in Germany, France, Canada (Toronto), Austria (Vienna) and Singapore.


Currently living in Wiesbaden/Germany. 






Featured Artists, Vol. III 2011-12

Mediaplan publishing

ISBN 9789609877459


MLP, Darmstadt 2009                                     Galerie Kandinsky, Vienna 2012

VSCR, Vienna 2009-2010

St. Art Galerie, Vienna:

"Touching moments" 2010

"Best of" 2011

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